About Sexual Marriage Therapy

Sex is a natural function. Everyone is genetically programmed to be able to have full sexual response cycles including erotic desire, arousal and orgasm. However, sexual interaction is not naturally perfect for both parties. To experience bliss requires thinking, feeling, sensing, wanting, and behaving.

Although we are designed by Mother Nature to have sex to ensure the propagation of the species, we develop thoughts, feelings and meanings about sex which make us quite selective and "prejudiced" about whom and what circumstances allow desire, arousal and orgasmic fulfillment to occur.

Most people come for counseling because they want help with their disappointments in intimate relationships. Their distress may manifest itself as depression, anxiety, chronic conflict, sexual problems, substance abuse, or workaholism, all symptoms which may lead to separation, divorce, or estrangement from an important family member.

This website is designed to help you understand the complexities of intimate relationships and how marital and sex therapy works. Hopefully, it will guide you to more happiness and success in your relationships!